11 January 2012

OMG I'm becoming bourgeois*

On-line grocery shopping.  Yes, you get really exciting posts at this blog.

Anyway, I thought I should let you know that Waitrose are now doing deliveries of groceries in the Edinburgh area.  What’s more, if you spend £50 plus, the delivery is free.  Rather better than Sainsbury where you need to spend £100 to get free delivery (and only on Tuesdays to Thursdays).  On the other hand, Sainsbury has a one hour window for delivery, whereas the others occupy two hours.

So we now have a choice of four sources of on-line groceries: in addition to those mentioned above, there are Tesco and Asda.  It is of course a matter of personal choice which to choose.  I tend to play the field.  Asda is best for round sliced sausage, Tesco has a better selection of beers,  I strongly favour Waitrose’s tinned chopped tomatoes (and their gourmet pork sausages), while Sainsbury’s burgers are rather more than OK.

Up to you …

* Some of you may have already guessed 

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Wozza said...

Good to see that you have such a healthy diet - beer, burgers and sausage.