16 February 2012

The Argentine prince from over the water

Marina takes up the cause (although with Marina it's sometimes hard to tell) of Carlos:
In what moral universe could Carlos Tevez possibly be seen as an unlikely hero? The answer, needless to say, is this one. Within the football force field that envelops this septic isle, I find myself experiencing wildly misplaced admiration for the prodigal Manchester City striker, who this week returned from Argentina.
Tevez has spent the past three months in what is described as "self-imposed exile", which makes him sound a bit like a Shakespearean duke, as opposed to someone who got in a bate about warming up for a Champions League match. The Argentinian is estimated to have lost himself a staggering £9.3m in wages and fines over some warped point of non-principle, and against football's current backdrop, this stubborn two fingers to the cash takes on a sort of Bizarro-world heroism.
Whenever I watched him playing football on the telly, it always seemed to me that he gave 100% commitment to whichever side he was playing for, not something which could be said of all the football stars plying their trade in Manchester.

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