15 February 2012

Quote of the day

The Daily Mash explains all:
DAVID Cameron is to launch a series of initiatives that will make being paralytic much safer and more convenient.
The prime minister wants Britain to stop worrying about alcohol poisoning and nasty head injuries and go out and get as drunk as it possibly can.
Mr Cameron will announce a series of 'drunk-safe' measures today including:
  • US style 'drunk tanks' where people can sleep it off in safety rather than adopting the foetal position in the middle of a busy road.
  • More police in A&E units to stop the utterly hammered from beating the hell out of each other.
  • And 'booze buses' manned by paramedics that will scour the streets looking for drunk people and then give them hot tea and a Pot Noodle.
Yeah, I could live with that ...

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