23 February 2012

Good news for feminists?

The Y chromosome, which carries the traits of maleness, may be on the way out.  The Guardian reports:
"In the end, males are uncertain little creatures and the way they are made is very different in mammals, birds, insects and worms," said Steve Jones, author of the book Y: The Descent of Man and professor of genetics at University College London.
"In the long term we are all dead, and that is certainly going to be true for the Y chromosome, which is rather an arriviste on the evolutionary scene. It may take a long time, but I am pretty confident that the Y machine will, one day, be replaced by something else. Quite what that will be, you will have to ask me in a hundred million years."
Not exactly comforting.   But this "uncertain little creature" is far from down-hearted; after all, a world of females would not necessarily be a Bad Thing.  I think ...

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