16 February 2012

Conversation of the week

Is this unduly cynical?  Probably not.
Osborne: I welcome Moody's assessment of the economy. It is a ringing endorsement for the government and shows we are right to continue to make cuts and put people out of work.
Cameron: Are you sure?
Osborne: Absolutely, Cams.
Cameron: Then how come you said the same thing about our handling of the economy when Standard & Poor's took us off negative watch two years ago?
Osborne: Because Hilto tells me to say every piece of bad news is a ringing endorsement.
Cameron: He says that to me, too.
Osborne: Don't blame me. I'm just a fairly dim public schoolboy who has never had a proper job, whom you made chancellor because we were both in the Bullers. I don't know any more about running the economy than you do.
Aye, and it's becoming obvious ...

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