19 March 2012

It will be a success this time?

So there's a wee surprise.  The Tories want to privatise the roads.  City AM reports:
ROAD PRICING and greater use of toll roads could become a reality as the government seeks to find ways to entice the private sector to invest more in infrastructure.
David Cameron will today launch a new study into the financing and ownership of Britain’s roads, arguing the country “urgently” needs “to repair the decades-long degradation of our national infrastructure”. He will call for privately built roads but insist there will be no tolls on existing roads.
The National Association of Pension Funds is already working with the government to find a suitable model to tempt its members to invest some of their £800bn of assets in infrastructure – the long-term nature of such investment could provide a steady income stream matching pension funds’ liabilities.
You might have thought that they would have learned a lesson from the railways or the energy industry.  Obviously not.  And it is unlikely to make motorists happy.


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