10 March 2012

Romney jokes

There are times when one almost feels sorry for the Republicans.  Then you remember that they are the baddies.

In any event, The Guardian is celebrating:
The race has produced no end of laughs, most recently multimillionaire Mitt Romney's attempts to come across as a regular Joe. The latest was his admission that, while not himself a fan of Nascar racing – a sport that plays big in the white, male, lower-income demographic – "I have some friends who are Nascar team owners". Earlier he had sought to ingratiate himself with a Detroit audience by boasting that, as a good patriot, he drove American cars and that his wife even drove "a couple of Cadillacs". Short of wearing an "I am the 1%" T-shirt, it's hard to know how he could have got it more wrong.
Still, the best Romney joke is not by him but about him, taking aim at the ideological contortions the limping frontrunner has performed in his bid to win the Republican nomination: "A conservative, a liberal and a moderate walk into a bar. The bartender says, 'Hi, Mitt.'"

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