30 March 2012

Lentil soup and other important matters

You may think that I lead a quiet life out here in deepest Espana.  Not a bit of it.  This morning, I had the bar in an uproar, merely by asking what was the Spanish for coriander.  Much shaking of heads, until the quiet guy in the corner looked it up on his i-pad.  (Cilantro, if you must know.)

Nevertheless, I had to make my lentil soup without the benefit of coriander as the local supermercado let me down.  The soup turned out ok, but it lacked that essential something.  As SamCam would say, obviously coriander.

Yesterday's strike seems to have had an effect in Madrid and Barcelona and some other cities.  Little impact in our village.  Some bars and restaurants were closed and the transport was off.  I felt a bit guilty, having my lunchtime pint.  But that's no excuse.  And now I face an 7% increase in my electricity bills.  (If only Scottish Power behaved as moderately in Scotland.)

And it's not that warm.  All right sitting in the sun but a chilly wind in the shade.  Not shorts weather yet.  Supposed to hit 70 degrees tomorrow, but I'll wait and see before casting a clout.


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