21 March 2012

There is still hope ,,,

... for the Labour Party.  From The New Statesman (here):

Miliband had facts:
What did the Chancellor say in August last year about America's more balanced deficit plan:
"Those who spent the whole of the past year telling us to follow the American example need to answer this simple question: why has the US economy grown more slowly than the UK economy?"
Mr Deputy Speaker, the numbers are in.
And the Chancellor is plain wrong.
The US economy grew at 1.7% last year, twice the rate of ours.
This Government have run out of excuses.
He had outrage:
Under his tax cut, a banker earning five million pounds will get an extra £240,000 a year.
Let's call this what it really is:
The Government's very own bankers' bonus. 
He had humour:
It is great to support the great British success stories like Downton Abbey.
A tale of a group of out of touch millionaires.
Who act like they're born to rule.
But turn out to be no good at it.
Sound familiar Mr Deputy Speaker?
We all know it's a costume drama.
They think it's a fly on the wall documentary.
 Good for Ed!

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