21 June 2013

Am I bovvered?

City AM reports:
STOCKS and many other financial assets plunged yesterday as investors reacted to the US Federal Reserve’s threat to cut back on its stimulus programme, while worries over China added to market jitters.
The FTSE endured its sharpest daily drop since September 2011 as it lost nearly three per cent, eliminating another chunk of this year’s gains and returning to a level – 6,159.51 – last seen in January
History shows that stocks and shares go up and down and vice versa.  Today we are in a down phase; tomorrow, who knows?

What else would I have done with my investments?  At least, share dividends offer four or five times greater returns than bank account interest.

Besides, if you enjoy the capital gains in the good times, there is no point in squealing when the market turns down.  This is a form of gambling; nobody beats the casino all the time.


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