29 June 2013

For the birds

One of the many pleasures of living in the south of Spain is watching the birdies.  Moments ago, I opened my window and spent a happy five minutes watching the swifts circling and swooping around the swimming pool.

And it is not just the swifts.  As evening falls, I hear the owls tu-whitting in the trees.  While on my way to the bar for my lunchtime beverage, I am invariably greeted by a pair of cheeky sparrows - which never fails to lift the heart.  (Whatever happened to the Edinburgh sparrows?)  And even the ubiquitous pigeons seem sleeker and more attractive than their Scottish counterparts.

And once in a while, way up in the skies, I spot a majestic predator.  One of these days, I will dig out a reference book to identify them ...


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