18 June 2013

It's all a filthy plot ...

You might have thought that there was a problem with tax avoidance.  But, according to The Telegraph, it is nothing more than a ruse to attack the Tories.  Mr Brogan displays his paranoia:
George Osborne was on familiarly confident form on Today dealing with the lefty nonsense about tax avoidance. His line about Britain 'putting its house in order' by leaning on its dependencies and publishing a register of beneficial ownership was his way of getting ahead of the coalition of anti-City types that Labour has craftily encouraged  as a useful third-party front against the Tories. From UK Uncut to various charities sailing a viking long-boat at the G8 summit with 'stop tax avoidance' on its sail, the pro-business case is under siege from an intelligently engineered populist campaign that hides a straightforward political aim – to cripple the Tories – behind what at first glance looks like an eminently reasonable argument about 'fair tax'.
Amazon, Google, Starbucks and the rest of the endless list?  Tax havens?  It's all made up to attack the Tories.  Nothing to see here.  Just haud yer wheesht and move along there.

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