17 July 2014

Not playing the game

More on Lord Hill, the UK's new EU Commissioner.  The Guardian reports:
British officials say his primary function in Brussels will be to build alliances, strike deals and reach consensus with his EU peers with a view to assembling support for some of the reforms Cameron hopes to achieve if he is to fight and win a referendum in 2017 keeping Britain in the EU on new terms.
No, it won't.  EU Commissioners are not appointed to represent the views of their respective Member States.  Instead, they are expected to renounce national allegiances and adopt a communautaire status where the interests of the Commission and of Europe are foremost.  Of course, that need not prevent a little national politicking on the side but that needs to be done discreetly.

Furthermore, the idea of British officials that Lord Hill's role will be to support the UK Government's aims for the referendum will simply irritate the other EU Commissioners and the European Parliament, making it even less likely for him to achieve a desirable portfolio (or even to secure his status as a Commissioner).

About time British officials learned how the European game is played.

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