30 July 2014

What to do about bankers?

The Guardian has a solution:
For years, the country's most celebrated thinkers have struggled to come up with a way to keep those pesky bankers in check. Tighter regulation? That won't work. A reduction of annual bonuses? Unlikely to change anything. A root-and-branch overhaul of the entire system, including a quantifiable focus on ethics and more punitive measures for anyone who steps out of line? Nope.
But, finally, a solution has been found. A padlocked, bulletproof, triple-checked solution that's guaranteed to stop bankers from being reckless and self-interested: oaths. That's right, according to thinktank ResPublica, bankers should have to say an oath. Out loud, too, because ResPublica is not messing about.
Of course, they're not being serious.  But a little (or a lot) of jail time might fit the bill ...


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