15 July 2014

Seven - one

Likely to be the new foreign secretary?  The Guardian reports:
Philip Hammond is regarded by the top of the Conservative party as an impressive operator, who has presided over steep budget cuts, preparations for an exit from Afghanistan and a large redundancy programme at the Ministry of Defence without attracting too many negative tabloid headlines.
His grasp of detail, some might say bordering on control freakery, may have appealed to David Cameron searching for someone with the stamina to repatriate powers from Brussels and renegotiate relations with the EU. What would attract many others in the Tory party is that he is considered a staunch Eurosceptic.
Not the most charismatic of senior Tories, the former businessman is nevertheless known as "Big Phil" at Conservative HQ.
Aye, and look what happened when the other Big Phil came up against the Germans ...    


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