12 February 2009

A long-suffering fan writes ...

How long do we have to put up with this? Nobody expects the Scottish rugby team to win a grand slam every year - or even every other year. But is it unreasonable to want the lads to play with a bit of conviction, to put on a show for the long-suffering fans in their expensive Murrayfield seats?

Mr Hadden talks a lot but makes little sense. Players (such as Strokosch) are consigned to the outer darkness (for the match against Wales) and then suddenly recalled (for the match against France); after his own recall against Wales, Hogg is the latest to feel the weight of official opprobrium. Lamont, one of the few to inspire the crowd in recent years, is rejected after one game where he did not shine. Paterson, our best player (arguably) and our best place-kicker (certainly), is left on the bench. Players are played out of position (Dickinson, Hogg, White). And we have a stand-off who has yet to convince anybody that he is international material.

The proven coaches (Robinson and Lineen) seem to have been disappeared off the scene, while the new backs' coach (Townsend) has no coaching experience.

Mr Hadden has been the head bottle-washer for a number of years now. Initially, his reign benefited from comparisons with his predecessor, a mad antipodean with most peculiar ideas of coaching. But, in recent years, Mr Hadden seems to have lost it - whatever it is. He no longer seems to know what his best team is, he seems in thrall to the media pundits and he has lost any capacity to inspire the team he chooses. And the results have been mediocre.

Time for a change?


subrosa said...

At last someone speaks out about the state of the team. I watched the first half on Saturday and it was dismal.

I agree, time for a change. Some silly ideas being used these days. Maybe Frank's had enough and just waiting for the push. Don't they get more money that way?

Anonymous said...

frank seems like a nice guy but he doesn't seem to have what it takes anymore. Scotland were simply outpaced by Wales - both in thought and action. The changes will not help I fear and the decision again that Paterson has no place when he is the player most capable of winning the game is inexplicable

Sandy Jamieson said...

They played better today. Still the problem of shortage of power in the front row as well as players out of position. As you say, it does beg the question of why the Evans brothers were not on the pitch at the beginning of last Saturday's match.

Watched Wales-England- a far better game with Wales even better than last week so am not looking forward to Twickenham.

Am having doubts about Hadden- maybe should bring in Robinson and Lineen again