26 February 2009

String him up?

A £650,000 pension every year for the rest of your life may seem a lot, but I suppose that it is not necessarily out of proportion for a man who, while working, earned £1.3 million in basic salary plus £2.7 million as bonus. One might also wonder who it was that approved this pension arrangement.

But, look, we need a villain and Sir Fred fits the bill rather neatly. So where is the nearest lamp-post?

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John A Thomson said...

Surely the salary, bonus and pension renumeration would have been approved by the board of RBS. Fat cats voting on the rewards for other fat cats.

It won't be long before RBS employees start to lose their jobs through no fault of their own. What's the betting they won't get such a generous pension!!

The whole debacle is obscene and shows these "men" have no honour. Even although they've screwed the whole world economy they still want to take and take and take again!