26 February 2009

Pedantry can be fun

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. At FMQs today, young Mr Gray rather blotted his copybook:
"It was him who defended short selling ..."
and then compounded his error by repeating "it was him" four times.

Is that the kind of education you get nowadays at Watson's?

Update (8.50 am, Friday):

Interesting to note that the Official Report of the parliament's proceedings has corrected Mr Gray's grammar by replacing "it was him" with "it was he" on each occasion it appears.


John A Thomson said...

The biggest failing of Mr Gray today was his line in questioning of the First Minister! What the hell was he on about?

Anonymous said...

But to be fair to Gray, he did only go to Watson's for a year. That said, good grammar was always seen as inportant at Portobello High in the 1960s, and pretentions there were considerably more modest than at any of Edinburgh's elite places for instruction.

Anonymous said...

The OF change a lot of errors in people's speeches. For many that is a God send.

Aye We Can ! said...

Ian Gray was right on this one

Get Eck on the record defending Sir George

And Eck fell for it - with nobs on

Events willl now unravel - unless alex dumps Sir George real pronto, Which, if he is astute, he will

No time for an old pals act Alex. Scotland or Sir George? - you decide