21 February 2009

The trams

We might as well face it: some things are just not meant to be. The Scotsman reports on the latest controversy to hit the trams:

FAILURE to resolve quickly this latest controversy in Edinburgh's £512 million tram project could break up the construction consortium, send costs spiralling and plunge the city council into a financial crisis.
Out-of-the-blue demands for between £50 million and £80 million from the consortium comprising German giant Bilfinger Berger, Siemens and CAF could hardly have come at a worse time – two days before final arrangements were made to close Princes Street from today. The precise reasons for the demand – and its costing – are unclear. But sources familiar with the situation say that Siemens is furious at the potential delay and could pull out if there is no early resolution.

Would a pull-out be the end of the world? If the tram project never came to fruition, would anyone be really upset? OK, oodles of money have already been spent but why throw good money after bad?


polaris said...

Here's hoping Siemens pull out as soon as possible. Then whatever money is left can be used for something sensible, like high speed Airport links for Glasgow & Edinburgh airports. Numpties and their sentimental view of attavistic transport solutions have wasted so much money...

Jess The Dog said...

This would not be a good thing!

All Edinburgh would be left with would be an expensive set of diverted utilities.

In fact, these would have to be undiverted, according to the Tram Acts. The other changes would need to be made good as well (rebuilding the pub at Haymarket is fine by me!).

The money raised from development would be kept for other transport projects, which may not even materialise.

Tram is a high speed airport link and is filling the gap for the ditched EARL scheme.

McChatterer said...

"I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as going o'er"

Iain D said...

I for one hope they get the tram project back on track ASAP.

Painful getting there but hopefully worth it once up and running.