11 February 2009

On not flogging a dead horse

Is the SNP becoming sensible? Local Income Tax might be a proposition for the longer term but, in present circumstances and for all the reasons adduced here and elsewhere, it was a non-starter. So credit to the Scottish administration for abandoning a hopeless cause, at least for the next couple of years.

But I hope that they do not simply throw it in a drawer, with a view to resurrection after the next election. Everyone - from all political quarters - recognises that the present council tax system is far from perfect. On the other hand, LIT needs a lot of work before becoming acceptable.

And Labour need not relax either. Before the next election, they have to come up with some sort of credible proposals for reform of local government finance, involving rather more than fiddling about with council tax bands. The Burt Report might be a good starting point ...


Anonymous said...

Fine HW but there is a strong case for a property tax

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