24 March 2009

C'est pas grave ...

The Times reports:
"Molière must be turning in his grave,” said le Parisien newspaper, reporting on the latest Sarkozysmes, as his syntactical abuses are called.
Fanny Capel, the head of a campaign group called Sauvez les Lettres (Save Letters), told The Times: “We have un beauf at the head of the state.” Un beauf, or brother-in-law, is shorthand for uneducated and ignorant.
Mr Sarkozy jangles nerves with colloquial tics such as dropping the “ne” between pronoun and verb in negative sentences. “J'écoute mais je tiens pas compte,” he said the other day. (I listen but I don't take notice). He often uses the slangy “ch'ais pas” for “je ne sais pas” and “ch'uis” instead of “je suis”.

Moi, je m'en fiche.

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John A Thomson said...

It's all bloody double dutch to me!