09 March 2009

Why am I not surprised?

Now I know why my websaver account with HBOS is now paying a measly 0.16% pa compared with over 5% a few months ago. The Times reports:
Lloyds Banking Group is set to distribute about £80 million in cash bonuses to staff today despite receiving a multibillion-pound bailout funded by British taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

It really is time to nationalise this industry, fix the problems and make a profit for the taxpayer some years down the line when confidence returns to the banking sector.

Clairwil said...

In the meantime open an account with your local credit union. Mine is paying out 5% on savings at the mo. It also does mortgages, ISAs, low interest loans and the like.

No idea if these things are sound financial investments but at least some Goodwinesque parasite isn't lining their pockets.