02 March 2009

Sensible timidity?

I suppose that it's a bit of a weak answer to strong drink.

Sure, a minimum price per unit might have an impact but that depends upon what the minimum price will be. Meanwhile there will be no blanket ban of off-sales to those of less than 21 years, with decisons devolved to the wisdom (!) of local licensing boards and chief constables. Add in a rather ill-defined ban on cut-price offers and loss leaders, unspecified reductions in displays and marketing in off-licences and further consultations on social responsibility fees "for some retailers".

And this took them all those months? Overall, it's a bit thin, but hey I'll drink to that.

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Anonymous said...

Introducing a minimum price may cut consumption but will do so by boosting the margins and profits of the supermarkets, an odd policy especially in a recession