27 March 2009

Cri de coeur - obsolescence sucks

It began with vinyl, Well, actually, it began with 78s - for younger readers, in the good old days, records (of different sizes) were played on a turntable at 33 (LPs), 45 (singles) or 78 revolutions per minute. I understand that at a price you can still acquire the requisite players, while vinyl LPs are treasured in certain quarters. But for ordinary punters records are been and gone. And all those LPs cluttering up my bookcase are just that - so much clutter.

Much the same applies to cassette tapes. Have you tried to find a tape player in the shops recently? All those tapes, so lovingly recorded in the 1970s and 1980s, that marked out my life if not in coffee spoons then in memories.

In addition, I have a fine (well, I think so) collection of videotapes. But that fancy flatscreen telly I bought recently does not seem to have a suitable slot for video cassettes. So they sit there on the shelf, loved but unplayed.

How long before my DVDs become redundant? Life moves too fast; I suppose that I am getting old ...

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