22 May 2009

Not really hobnobbing with royalty

I went to a Royal Garden Party once, admittedly more than 30 years ago. In those days, you were allowed to take your spouse and any unmarried dsughters of a certain age. Needless to say, the former had to have a new dress (and hat) and we never had any of the latter.

Because of the crowds (mainly but not exclusively senior Scottish Office civil servants) and the traffic restrictions, I had to park the car miles away. The gardens of Holyrood House were mobbed; not a snowball's chance of getting near Her Maj or any of the other royals - you had to be specially invited to form part of the exclusive circles which enveloped the principals.

Because of the crowds and the queues, you could either have a cup of tea or a wee cake; to have both demanded exceedingly sharp elbows. And there was no booze. (Who else would have an afternoon party in their garden without the offer of a glass of vino?)

So I don't envy the BNP's Nick Griffin; he is most unlikely to enjoy the occasion.


subrosa said...

Funnily enough, your memories of this occasion is rather similar to mine.

Personally I wish I'd never bothered going but it was compulsory owing to work.

In my day the ladies all had to wear hats and gloves too and it was boiling hot.

Debra Storr said...

I've been to two - Balmoral and Holyrood. Rather fun. Smashing bite sized lemon tarts and scones - and who thought up strawberry sandwiches.

I don't think anyone need have worried about Nick Griffin - OK the Royal Company of Archers might not be the first choice of effective body-guard, but the overt security was impressive ... and then there is the covert.