16 May 2009

Will it never end?

It is rather sad to be reduced to highlighting those MPs that have not done anything wrong, but The Independent reports:
A few MPs have emerged as the good guys. Some from all three main parties do not claim a second homes allowance, even though they are entitled to do so. Labour MPs Martin Salter, Celia Barlow and Geoffrey Robinson do not claim the allowance. From the Conservatives, Adam Afriyie, Richard Benyon, Philip Dunne, Anne Milton and Rob Wilson turned down the money. On the Liberal Democrat benches, only one member from outside London, Cambridge MP David Howarth, has turned it down. Environment Secretary Hilary Benn claimed only £147.78 a year on food. Ed Miliband claimed only £6,300 to rent a terraced house.

That's it.

Meanwhile, quote of the week belongs to Diane Abbott (here):
Diane Abbott, the Labour MP, raised fears over public anger. "Saying sorry isn't enough. Giving money isn't enough. The public ... want to see dead MPs hanging from lamp-posts," she said.

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Bill said...

Much as I enjoy Dianne Abbott's appearances on the 'Weekly Politics' alongside Michael Portillo, this sound much like an offer it would be difficult to refuse ;)