11 May 2009

Oh Gordon

Why does he carry on? Despised and ridiculed by the media, by the Opposition and even by members of his own Cabinet. Former cheerleaders like Polly and Jackie are pointing him towards the door. Outmanoeuvred by a fading actress. His staff cannot even keep private his make-up routine.

What's the point in clinging on to office? Why put yourself through the hurt, unrelieved by throwing about mobile phones and printers? How can you get up every morning as if everything was normal? And it's not going to get any better when the June election results come through.

You're 58 and reasonably well off, with a decent pension to look forward to. You could have a pleasant life without all the hassle. If nothing else, why not think of your family? Is retirement such an unthinkable option? Anything must be better than the present situation.

1 comment:

John Robertson Nicoll said...

In your pic he looks like the squirrel on steroids (Hazel Blears) HAD just got hold of his nuts