31 May 2009

Quote of the day

The Prime Minister on MPs' expenses (here):
"To be honest, what I've seen offends my Presbyterian conscience. What I've seen is something that is appalling," he said.

A bit rich, coming from a man who asked the public to pay for his Sky Sports subscription. What did your Presbyterian conscience have to say about that?


subrosa said...

I heard this on the BBC earlier. Sickening when he turns the presbyterian quip on.

He certainly isn't of the same presbyterian definition as myself.

Anonymous said...

Spectaular wasn't it, I think MArr was a little a taken back once Brown had delivered this prepared line.

For him to suggest that we only know about these expenses 'because' of the freedom of information act is preposterous.

The man is simply doo lally


Down with the 'scurvvry Gordon Brown"

CrazyDaisy said...

I saw it on Skye News later in the day and rank hypocracy springs to mind.

I'm not offended by his remark, I'm offended that he's dragged religion into this by trying to make himself out to be whiter than white in a moral sense.

What an arse and sorry excuse for a human being, he is so vaccuous and lacks personality. What goes around comes around and Karma will catch up in this life or the next!

Crazy D