26 May 2009

Will they never learn?

They think we're stupid (part umpteen). The Times reports:
Hundreds of donations to political parties are to be kept secret under plans being slipped through the House of Lords.
Labour and the Conservatives have been accused of collusion over plans to raise the threshold above which parties must report donations from £5,000 to £7,500. The move is opposed by heavyweight figures such as Lord Neill of Bladen, former chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, who said that there was no real justification for the increase.
The Electoral Commission has said: “An increase of this level has the potential to reduce public confidence in the transparency and integrity of political funding.”

What happened to the transparency that Brown and Cameron keep banging on about?

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Political Dissuasion said...

I reckon they are just trying to stoke fires so that they can turn round in a few months' time and say, "Ok, we'll clean up party funding...as a result, we're introducing state funding for political parties" and through the sham alibi of cleaning up politics, will get us to fund the whole rigmarole. Mark my words, we'll be subsidising them soon enough.