07 October 2011

Reading between the lines?

The Guardian is being very careful with this story:

Liam Fox was joined by a close personal friend and self-styled adviser when he met senior Sri Lankan ministers during an official visit this summer despite claiming that Adam Werritty had never accompanied him on government business.

Fox has insisted that Werritty, who has distributed business cards describing himself as an adviser to the defence secretary, is not part of his political entourage, but these fresh disclosures are likely to raise further questions about the nature of his role in the defence secretary's inner circle. The Guardian has already revealed that Werritty, who was Fox's best man, visited the defence secretary on 14 occasions in little over a year at the MoD's HQ in Whitehall, prompting Labour to demand an inquiry into whether there had been any potential breaches of national security.

Just in case we did not catch the general drift, the article includes this paragraph:
Werritty, 34, has accompanied Fox on several trips to Sri Lanka, including one in 2009 when the pair reportedly met the president, prime minister and foreign minister. He lived with Fox in a flat near Tower Bridge before the defence secretary married Jesme Baird in 2005. Werritty was a guest at Fox's 50th birthday party at his official Whitehall residence last month.
At what could they possibly be hinting?

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