13 October 2011

Wee Duggie is back!

No doubt, just dropping by to chivvy the troops.  The Herald reports:

ONE of Labour’s key strategists will tonight warn that the Scottish party has become too backward-looking and negative.Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander, who co-ordinated last year’s General Election campaign, will also say Labour needs to raise its sights to produce a more positive “One Scotland” vision.
His remarks will come in a lecture at Stirling University, in which he upbraids the SNP for focusing too much on its “gleeful assertions of difference” rather than the more positive message of co-operation, unity and diversity.

It is of course only a day or two since the appointment of a new Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland.  Mrs Curran is not of course renowned for her positive and constructive approach, being a West of Scotland machine politician par excellence.  But Mr Alexander presumably considers that she may be able to play a more enlightened tune on that weary old Labour fiddle.

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