07 September 2012

Building the new British economy

Not that different from the old British economy, it seems.  The Independent reports:
Yesterday, the Government unveiled its new, big plan for rescuing the moribund economy. Lips were wet in anticipation. There were drum rolls.
And here it comes. The Government is to "consult" – so it may not even happen anyway – on a three-year relaxation of planning rules on extending homes and business premises.
At present you can extend your home by three metres without planning permission, but under the exciting new plans (if approved) you shall be able to extend it by six metres.
Satirical-wise, this is hard to extend by even one metre.
Not much use for me, as I live three floors up.  But then I don't suppose that the Tories ever think about people like me.  And anyway it probably won't apply in Scotland.

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