17 September 2012

The demagogue awakes

Is there anything that Boris won't do to get his name in the papers?  City AM reports:

BORIS Johnson yesterday launched a hard-hitting attack on the power of trade unions in a move that revived suggestions that he is positioning himself to run for leadership of the Conservative party.
Setting out his proposals to combat hard-line union activism, the Mayor of London called for a clampdown on the ability of organised labour to cause "endless disruption and buggeration".
In a move sure to please many in the Conservative party he called for legislation that would limit the ability to strike by forcing key public sector workers - including firefighters, paramedics and London Underground staff - to maintain a minimum level of service at all times.
Hard to believe that this is the same man who gave in so weakly to pre-Olympic threats of industrial action by transport workers.  Yet now he's pandering to the Tory neanderthals.

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