10 September 2012

The euro soap opera continues

The story so far:

Super Mario has promised to buy up the debts of Mariano and Mario (the other Mario) and Angie has gone along with it, somewhat reluctantly.  But there are conditions; before Super Mario can do anything, Mariano and/or the other Mario need to ask nicely for help.  Mariano and the other Mario are a bit worried about this, because that would bring Christine and Jose into play and they would insist on more austerity.  All very difficult.

Meanwhile Angie has problems with the law.  The Judges will decide on Wednesday if Angie has bitten off more than she can chew.  In which case the whole shooting match might be back to square one.

Francois is watching all this from the sidelines, trying to achieve the impossible by staying friends with Angie, as well as with Mariano and the other Mario.

Confused?  You will be ...


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