25 October 2014

A house divided will not stand

Currently, the Labour Party has 40 Scottish MPs at Westminster.  How many will it have after next May?  Fewer, I guess.  And this will certainly not help:
Johann Lamont is to stand down as leader of the Scottish Labour party, after describing some of her Westminster colleagues as dinosaurs who do not understand the politics they are facing since the referendum.
At the end of a week in which two former Labour first ministers expressed grave concerns about the future of the party, Lamont accused colleagues of trying to run Scotland “like a branch office of London”.
It is understood that she was unhappy that the general secretary of Scottish Labour, Ian Price, was to be removed from office without her being consulted.
Unless the Labour leadership in Westminster takes a more sympathetic attitude towards the party in Scotland, it is heading for more trouble.  It is far from impossible to see the Scottish Labour Party seeking independence from its London HQ.  


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