29 October 2014

Dad rock

The Guardian adopts a patronising tone:
They are the bands that form the core of most dusty vinyl collections, the soundtrack to many a lost or fading youth. But this Christmas record labels are pinning many of their hopes on rock’s back catalogue to bring in sales, with forthcoming releases by everyone from the Who and Pink Floyd to Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.
As music companies begin their push for Christmas – their most profitable period; December accounted for just over a fifth of all records sold in 2013 – it seems ’tis the season for the return of “Dad rock”, with deluxe re-releases of classic Led Zeppelin albums leading the charge. It’s a genre many of whose adherents still purchase albums rather than streaming tracks or playlists.
I suppose I should be grateful that they do not describe it as "Grandad rock".  Some of us OAPs are still groovers, man.


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