30 October 2014

Nicola's dreams come true?

It may be just another opinion poll but the cat would appear to be among the pigeons:

Labour is facing the prospect of political annihilation in Scotland at the next election, a new poll suggests today, losing more than thirty of its seats in Westminster to the SNP.
The Ipsos Mori survey, commissioned by Scottish Television, found Labour in Scotland is currently polling at just 23 per cent while support for the SNP has surged to 52 per cent.
If replicated at the General Election it would leave Labour with just four Scottish MPs down from its current 41 seats. In contrast it would see the SNP win 54 seats compared to its current six MPs.
The Tories would lose the only seat they currently hold in Scotland while the Lib Dems would lose all but one of its 11 current Scottish MPs.
Leaving the SNP holding the balance of power at Westminster?  That would really put the ba' on the slates ...

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