16 October 2014

What to do about drones?

Much soul-searching on the part of the football authorities:
The abandonment of Tuesday’s Serbia v Albania match after a drone carrying a sectarian flag was flown over the pitch has prompted fears of copycat stunts at football grounds in the UK.
The Football League has written to the Civil Aviation Authority, which regulates unmanned as well as conventional aircraft, asking it for guidance on the usage of drones around football grounds. The Premier League is understood to share the Football League’s concerns and is also in communication with them about the issue.
The former Labour minister Tom Watson, who chairs an all-party parliamentary group on drones, said the incident highlighted the dangers of the unregulated proliferation of the use of unmanned aircraft. He said: “The disruption caused by a lone drone with a cam and flag underscores the need for comprehensive review of drone use and regulation, as the APPG on drones have advocated.” He added: “This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Not sure if there is any practical solution.  When you can buy a drone for less than fifty quid at Tesco, pandora's box is well and truly opened.


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