03 October 2014

Fox among the chickens?

The Guardian reports:
The government has been accused of a “cosy love-in with big business” after it appointed a former executive of oil giant BP to a new role running the civil service.
John Manzoni was given the £190,000-a-year job as the government’s first ever chief executive of Whitehall, despite criticism of his safety record at BP following the Texas refinery explosion and his last company, Talisman, being fined over 50 alleged health and safety violations connected with fracking.
I  have no idea if Mr Manzoni will be any better than the other private sector business types brought in to "improve" civil service management.  But he would do well to avoid this sort of meaningless guff:
“I am excited to take up this post at the heart of government at this crucial time,” Manzoni said. “My priority is building on the existing momentum to strengthen the execution muscle of Whitehall and embed a sustainable productivity agenda across government."
Perhaps, as a start, he might learn to speak English..

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