04 July 2015

Extract from the Greek finance minister's diary

From here:
“Yanis, my friend,” says our Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras. “How do you think we are handling this crisis?”
“Heroically!” I say.
Alexis agrees. Definitely. Only it doesn’t feel ideal, he adds, that our offices are now dark, and have no air conditioning, and we’re sitting on the floor sharing a packed lunch of stale olives out of Tupperware.
“But the crowds!” I say, gesturing out the window. “See how they cheer us!”
Alexis says they seem a bit angry.
“With the Germans,” I agree.
Alexis says it might actually just be a queue for an ATM.
“Comrade,” I say. “Don’t panic now! Was this not your plan?”
“My plan?” says Alexis. “Hang on. Aren’t you the plan guy?”
“God, no,” I say. “I’ve just been winging it.”
“Well this is embarrassing,” says Alexis.


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