03 July 2015

Is nothing sacred?

The Times reports:
It is a notoriously potent brew which has become synonymous with neds and drunken disorder rather than discernment, but Buckfast is getting an upmarket makeover.
Buckie, as the caffeinated tonic wine — which is hugely popular in west central Scotland — is known, has been denounced by senior police officers and politicians.
It is known to its most ardent devotees as “commotion lotion” and “wreck the hoose juice”, and police say it is mentioned in serious crime reports more than any other drink or drug. Now it is to be relaunched as a sophisticated and aspirational tipple.
As part of an ambitious advertising campaign, the fortified wine, which is made by Benedictine monks, will be marketed as a base for cocktails.
The drink’s distributors have also hired a Michelin-starred chef to promote it as the perfect addition to a range of gourmet dishes.
It will never catch on ...


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