25 July 2015

Quote of the day

What happens when a trendy metropolitan Guardian journo visits Stonehaven to assess a Scottish culinary delight?
Some things are so obvious that no description would be complete without them, and yet they must surely have been observed before: the problem with deep frying a Mars bar isn’t the fat or the salt or the sugar, but the colour. It looks like a turd in batter; so much so that there’s some kind of evolutionary wisdom urging you not to eat it. 
But when you’ve gone all the way there and, at 41, are ready to experiment, you can ignore that wisdom for the first bite, and, it turns out, these are delicious; much better than a regular Mars bar, since the neutral, savoury flour breaks into the sugary flatness, the batter mixes up the texture and, of course, the salt and the caramel meet, in an elegant and self-contained precursor to this decade’s salted caramel obsession. 
Utter tosh, of course.  How long before the English wake up to the fact that they're having their leg pulled?


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