22 July 2015

They are still at it ,,,

The Guardian reports:
A Tory minister who claimed 9p on expenses for a 352-yard car journey has defended the cost, but admitted such small claims may look “odd”.
Rob Wilson, the MP for Reading East, has made a number of claims for short journeys, with many coming in under £1, but said over the course of a year the mileage “does add up”.
During the financial year 2013-14, the minister for civil society claimed expenses for a 528-yard car journey to a business meeting, at a cost of 13p, and another to a Google business event in his constituency which cost him 68p.
The 9p journey was made on 29 March last year and labelled a “constituency engagement”. Wilson also claimed 60p for a journey he made in November last year on his bicycle between his constituency office, a railway station and his home.
Look after the pennies ...?


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