02 January 2016

How daft can you get?

Asking for trouble?  The Times reports:
Texans are now allowed to carry handguns in holsters on their hip for the first time since the days of the Wild West — the latest relaxation of firearms laws in a country suffering a seemingly endless spate of mass shootings.
The Lone Star state may be synonymous with pistol-toting cowboys, but for more than a century its residents were banned from openly carrying handguns. That changed yesterday; a move that symbolises a nationwide drift towards more gun-friendly laws.
The Sandy Hook school shootings in 2012, in which 20 children and six adults were murdered by a mentally ill man, provoked national outrage and calls for stricter firearms controls — but Congress rejected a bill the following year that would have expanded background checks to all gun sales, including those at gun shows and over the internet, which are exempt.


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