28 January 2016

Pots and kettles

CityAM reports:
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter today to blast politicians in the UK and the US for giving Google an easy way out of questions over its tax arrangements.
Google recently reached a £130m deal with HMRC over corporation tax claims covering a 10-year period.
However, Murdoch referred to the payment as a "token amount", handed over for "PR purposes". 
In a series of tweets, the News Corp boss accused politicians of being "easily awed" by tech industry figures such as Google chairman Eric Schmidt, and said the tech giant had "planted dozens of their people" in governments around the world.
I have a vague recollection of senior figures in the Murdoch empire getting close to the Prime Minister - country suppers, loan of a horse, meetings on yachts, etc ...   But perhaps the old monster is merely envious.


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