01 June 2009

Look, he's probably got a lot of books ...

So why is The Herald picking on Jim Devine MP?

OK, so he put 66 metres of shelving on his office expenses and asked his pal, the local publican, to carry out the work (also on expenses) at a total cost of £2,300. Just because the shelving is not immediately apparent from a brief inspection of his office, it does not necessarily mean that the shelving does not exist, does it?

And all right, so he claimed against the £2,000 cost of rewiring his second home. Just because the electrician was recommended by a guy in a pub and now seems to have gone missing, to have traded from a mythical address and to have had a mythical VAT registration, does not make Mr Devine a bad person.

These kind of things could happen to anybody, right?

1 comment:

subrosa said...

It wouldn't happen to me HC. They'd find the electrician who'd say he'd never done a stroke of work for me and they'd also realise I'd measured my local public library for my shelving.

Such is life.