01 June 2009

A brief note of explanation

The more perspicacious of my readers will notice that my sign-off below has been changed from the rather cryptic 'HW' to a more prosaic appellation, which is in fact my first name.

When I first started this blog, a little more than four years ago, I was concerned to remain anonymous for two reasons. First, it might have been a load of crap (and I accept that some might think it still is); and, second, I had no wish to embarrass my previous employers.

But calling myself HW always seemed a bit precious. And now that time has placed a cordon sanitaire between what I do now (not a lot, to be honest) and what I did then, I can cheerfully revert to a simpler style.


subrosa said...

Good for you HC. I keep subrosa mainly because I run a business which could be badly affected if it was known I had such strong political opinions. People are so fickle lol. Nothing sinister, just simple.

HW said...

I knew it, Dave Cameron all along.