30 June 2009

The re-launch re-launched

If the Prime Minister's re-launch of yesterday is intended as a preview of his election manifesto, which it presumably is, then it leaves Scottish Labour in something of a quandary.

Of the measures proposed, those on housing, health, policing and education will not apply north of the border. Which leaves the oft-proposed but seldom-implemented idea of depriving the young unemployed of their benefits. This latter is not really something to gladden the hearts of the Labour footsoldiers as they trudge wearily on their canvassing way.

It is not as if prospective Scottish Labour MPs can even promise similar action for Scotland. For it is simply not within their gift to deliver.

So I guess Scottish Labour will be left to argue that their cuts will be less severe than those of the Tories and that implementation of Calman will restore Caledonia to the happy land of yesteryear. Not likely to make for an exciting Scottish manifesto, however.

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