29 June 2009

The financial in-fighting explained

The Independent reports:
Mervyn isn't happy with Alistair because Alistair's housekeeping doesn't quite add up. Adair isn't happy with Mervyn because Mervyn wants to play with Adair's regulatory toys. Alistair doesn't trust Mervyn because he suspects Mervyn is sneaking off to tell George all of Alistair's secrets. Mervyn is irritated because Alistair refuses to show Mervyn his new White Paper. But George is full of cheer because he thinks Mervyn is his new best friend.

And, above it all, looms the baleful presence of Gordon, always ready to throw his toys out of his pram or his mobile at all or anyone he chooses.

Little wonder that the financial crisis is set to continue ...

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