26 June 2009

Humble he ain't

Do not read the complacent, self-congratulatory ramblings of the Director General of the BBC in this morning's Times.

For you will not find even a hint of concern that the Beeb sees fit to deploy our licence fees on paying an annual salary of more than £160,000 to 50 (fifty) executive apparatchiks (not including the Wogans and the Wosses of this world). Nor does it seem to occur to the DG that there might be something reprehansible about swanning around the world in fancy hotels, spending a fortune on fine dining and giving each other prezzies, all at public expense. In brief, everything in the BBC is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

And you thought that it was only bankers and MPs that lived on a diferent planet ...

1 comment:

subrosa said...

As you advise I won't read it. I listen to some woman on radio yesterday defending a £40 taxi fare back from a BBC party. She said 'I knew I'd be unable to drive'.

So she goes to a party, enjoys the food and drink, then we pay for her to go home? Believe me I was yelling my head off at the radio. Just as well I was in the car alone.